Star 2024 Auburn football commit's mom describes in-home visit from Hugh Freeze's coaching staff

A star 2024 Auburn football commit's mom described an in-home visit from Hugh Freeze and his coaching staff.
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2024 Auburn football commit Walker White's mother, Amy, recently opened up about what a visit from Hugh Freeze and his Tigers coaching staff is like -- and based on the description, it's not hard to see why there've been flips from all of the questionable culture schools like Alabama, Georgia, and Miami over the past two offseasons.

“It’s just like your best friend coming over for dinner,” Amy White said of Freeze and his assistant coaches visiting (h/t “I mean, it’s like anybody you’d want to come over. It’s so laid back.

“We all just visited, talked Auburn football, talked about Walker and what to expect for Walker. Walker was asking questions about how to be as a team member. He wants to be the best team member. I know that I’ve developed a relationship with these guys who are likeminded like us. So I can trust them. They love the Lord like we love the Lord. And I know they’re going to care for my son."

2024 Auburn football commit's mother: 'I would not choose anything else for him'

Amy White is an Auburn football recruiting weapon at this point, providing some marketing-worthy quotes on Freeze's operation during her interview with Most notably, White made sure to say that there is nowhere else she'd choose for her son, Walker.

“I will tell you this: I would not choose anything else for him,” she said. “It’s a perfect fit. Hugh Freeze, (Philip) Montgomery, they are just so down to Earth and they love my boy – and they love all these boys. They have a heart for all these players. They’re not just a number, they’re a person.”

Walker himself has served as a recruiter for Freeze's class, so it's not shocking to see his mother share that same enthusiasm.