Twitter sick of Hugh Freeze's Auburn football tenure already: 'Bring back another Harsin'

Twitter is sick of Hugh Freeze's Auburn football tenure already, with one poster even claiming to want to bring back another Bryan Harsin.
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Twitter is already sick of Hugh Freeze's Auburn football tenure, with one UGA fan even going as far as to want another Bryan Harsin in town.

"Hugh Freeze is so damn whiny," one poster prefaced before saying, "I can’t wait until he gets run out of town and they bring back another Harsin. He sucked and he kept his mouth shut."

After seeing Demarcus Riddick flip from Georgia to the Plains, every Dawgs fan should want to see Freeze go away. Especially considering how ineffective Harsin and his staff were on the recruiting trail. But other posters had complaints about the other aspects of Freeze's coaching.

"Hugh Freeze threw his assistants under the bus in embarrassing fashion after a humiliating bowl loss to Maryland," OutKick's X account prefaced before saying, "There's nothing weaker than a leader shifting blame to those beneath him. Take some responsibility!"

"Wonder if LSU’s Brian Kelly will go all Hugh Freeze?" mocked Locked On Sun Belt's David Schultz before fake quoting Kelly had he taken the Freeze route after LSU knocked off Wisconsin in the Citrus Bowl. "'I was busy recruiting. I didn’t have much input into the defensive game plan.'"

"Hugh Freeze s***s," prefaced another before saying, "He was a terrible hire for football and character. I love Auburn. I do not subscribe to the (horse [redacted]) that I cannot criticize my alma mater and must get in line. F that. Our players and our university deserve better than Freeze."

Hugh Freeze must redeem Auburn football in 2024

From a national perspective, going 6-7, 5-7, and 6-7 in consecutive seasons is not the mark of progress for a program. Tiger fans know how much work was put in on the recruiting trail by Freeze and Co., but that doesn't mean much if there are limited positive results on the field.

The talent gap between AU and the rest of the SEC will shrink in 2024, so there's no excuses for another losing season. It's on Freeze to dedeem Auburn football this coming fall.

Because if he doesn't, there could be calls by Tiger fans to replace Freeze; though wanting the next Harsin seems like a major stretch given the damage the 2021 and 2022 seasons and recruiting cycles caused to this day.