Unpopular Auburn football HC who failed on the Plains shockingly listed as a UCLA coaching candidate

Stanford v UCLA
Stanford v UCLA / David Madison/GettyImages

Bryan Harsin's name was not one just about anyone could've expected, but the former Auburn football head coach who failed on the Plains was listed as a UCLA replacement for departed head coach Chip Kelly -- the new offensive coordinator under Ryan Day at Ohio State -- by Mike Farrell Sports' Mike Huesmann.

"Harsin was always a bad fit for the SEC, and the Auburn boosters tried to run him out of town almost immediately," Huesmann prefaced before saying, "He was doomed to fail, partly because of himself and partly because of the culture. He was a resounding success in his previous seven seasons at Boise, going 69-19 with a bowl game every year except the COVID-19 shortened 2020 season.

"His success there has been quickly forgotten in the wake of Auburn. It shouldn’t be. He’ll coach again somewhere in the Pacific or Mountain time zone and probably do a good job. I don’t know if this is the one for him, but he checks a lot of boxes. Sometimes, the best ability is availability."

Bryan Harsin's lack of recruiting ability at Auburn football would translate to UCLA

From the looks of it, Harsin was willing to put the work in when he was at Boise State. As a former Bronco quarterback and a native of the area, it was a natural fit for Harsin to dominate on the trail in his home city and home state.

But trying to make a dent in the talent-rich Golden State by using the same recruiting methods he did in Alabama isn't going to work. UCLA grabs recruits from the south too, and we already know Harsin isn't the best at that.

Anyone expecting Harsin to succeed in the new and improved Big Ten is lying to themselves. UCLA will likely find someone with the ability to bring in top recruiting classes right away to stay afloat after Kelly's departure.

The Auburn family is in agreement: Harsin is not him.