Video of Auburn football legend Cam Newton fight at 7 v 7 goes viral

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A video of Cam Newton breaking up a fight between a group of men at his 7 v 7 Tournament went viral on February 25. In it, the former Heisman winner with Auburn football could be seen manhandling several men before another comes in with a right hook aimed at him.

The chaotic video is only 22 seconds long and lacks much context. How the fight started figures to be revealed in the coming days.

One has to imagine Newton won't ignore -- and will be forced to address, possibly on his "4th & 1" podcast -- this video if it becomes widespread enough.

Auburn football legend Cam Newton made C1N 7 v 7 to help development on and off the field

Newton's mission statement for his 7 v 7 organization, C1N, promotes development for young athletes on and off the field.

"C1N is also committed to supporting the community through various initiatives and partnerships," the statement read. "The organization’s previous 'Newton’s Nuggets' program provided mentorship and educational opportunities for young people, while its association with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America aimed to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles among children and youth. As of recent we have steered directions and focused on the empowerment of young men in high school to ‘lock in’ on their skills inside and outside of football.

"Overall, C1N is a dynamic and innovative organization dedicated to supporting young athletes’ growth and development both on and off the field."

Football is a contact sport. Things like this happen from time to time. But the focus needs to be less on fights like this in the future and more on a healthy environment for future athletes for the C1N organization if it wants to uphold its mission statement.

This was not a good look. Although it was a good look for Newton if he wants to unretire and return to football.

He looks like he can still run over a defender or two.