3 coaches Harsin should–and 3 he shouldn’t–consider for Auburn football staff

Auburn football (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
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Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

Dell McGee

I covered the idea of Dell McGee as Harsin’s running backs coach recently, and it is one that I still think should be considered despite a poor performance from Georgia’s backfield. I believe there just isn’t the level of talent in Athens as there is in the current Auburn football (assuming there aren’t anymore transfers):

"Given the obvious connection to Auburn through his days donning Tigers blue and orange, Dell McGee should be someone that has a mutual interest with Harsin and the AU brain trust. McGee is currently the running backs coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, and their Peach Bowl performance in the ground game was not exactly one that makes the partnership with UGA a peachy one. The Dogs combined for 36 rushing yards, and not a single rusher averaged more than 3.5 yards-per-carry. A win is a win, and heads aren’t going to roll after overcoming a difficult (and previously undefeated) AAC championship-winning Cincinnati Bearcats squad."

Even though things could improve with Georgia’s recruiting class catching a pretty decent fish in 2021, it may be too little too late:

"But McGee isn’t maximizing what his career could be with the talent currently in the Georgia backfield. The Bulldogs were able to bring on four-star recruit Lovasea Carroll out of IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL), but that may not be enough to entice McGee to stay with UGA when his home his calling."

If you ask me, the man for the RBC job is not Cadillac Williams, but Dell McGee.

Cadillac Williams

You might be very confused to see me list Cadillac Williams considering I just said he wasn’t the man for the Auburn football running back coach job. No, you are not hallucinating–although maybe someone reading this is. If you are, htbgtjbgtjnvkfvldl.

Anyway, Williams has done enough with the Auburn football running backs to warrant consideration for a potential promotion. In what was considered a down season for the Tigers (outside of the imagination of Gus Malzahn), Williams was able to generate the fifth-best rush yards per game in the SEC (which became an offensive juggernaut in 2020) from Cartavius “Tank” Bigsby, Shaun Shivers, and even Bo Nix a bit.

Fly War Eagle will always embrace former Tigers that made it to the NFL to be retained on the staff. Hopefully, Harsin can find something for Cadillac.

Tom Herman

The former head coach of the Texas Longhorns would be an expensive hire, but bringing him aboard could energize a fanbase that could use a pick-me-up and spruce up an offense that badly needs an overhaul.

His 2020 season was not a failure by any means, as I recently pointed out:

"He also ended the 2017 season defeating Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. He ended the past two seasons in victory, which is better than what Malzahn’s last few seasons ended like besides a 2018 Music City Bowl victory against Purdue. That Sam Ehlinger has developed into an NFL Draft prospect is a testament to Herman’s offensive vision. Being that they hung 55 points on Colorado in the Alamo Bowl shows that his systems can put up points."

Assuming he commits to Auburn for at least a few seasons, Herman could be another home run hire.