Auburn football rumors: Kevin Steele could land with Tennessee

Disgraced former–and oh so temporary–Auburn football head coach Kevin Steele could land with the Tennessee Volunteers.

The University of Tennesee Volunteers football program appears to be undergoing some coaching drama. What’s going on right now in Rocky Top is certainly nothing unfamiliar to Auburn football fans on the Plains.

Jeremy Pruitt is playing the role of Gus Malzahn, though he certainly didn’t volunteer to be in this role.

*clears throat*

According to Paul Finebaum, the SEC’s all-knowing and omnipotent ESPN talking head, things could be heading in the same direction that the Tigers program went with their head coach this offseason (via Saturday Down South):

While he wasn’t asked directly about the ongoing investigation going on at Tennessee, Paul Finebaum was asked about Pruitt’s fate during his latest appearance on Birmingham-based WJOX 94.5 FM program The Roundtable on Monday.

Will Pruitt survive the offseason at Tennessee? Here’s how the SEC Network host responded.

“It’s seeming to be more unlikely by the day. And that is a story that comes and goes off the radar screen like a bad storm but all signs are pointing toward him heading toward the exit,” Finebaum answered.

Tennessee had far from a banner season, and it’s easy for every team in the Southeast Conference to reshuffle the deck with a seemingly unstoppable giant in Alabama scooping up the top recruits year after year as Nick Saban furthers his legacy as the greatest college football coach with winning title after title.

After only mustering up wins against mediocre Mizzou, underwhelming South Carolina and bottom-feeding Vanderbilt, there appears to be a shift coming in the Volunteers program.

With Pruitt dismissed, and the season now over, there could be a coaching search in Knoxville dominating the headlines soon.

With LSU and Florida also making changes, names are bound to fly–and there could be some crossover.

We have that with LSU and Tennessee both reportedly registering interest in Kevin Steele, with Jake “JBoy” Crain being in on the Vols news:

Wherever he lands, Fly War Eagle is just happy he won’t haunt the sidelines at Jordan-Hare Stadium.