Cam Newton’s response to disrespectful teen viral video

Cam Newton took the high road over the weekend at his youth football tournament when he was faced with a heckling teenage participant. The kid was ruthless, telling Newton he’s washed while mocking his status as a free agent.

Pro athletes flamed the heckling kid after the video went viral, pointing out that there is so much to be learned from Newton–but instead the kid chose disrespect for a moment of internet clout. Current NFL players took to Twitter to encourage young athletes to learn from professionals, not to treat them with such a disregard for decency.

Some spoke about how social media has impacted this generation of up-and-coming athletes, and how they wished that they had such decorated players at their tournaments growing up. Even Leonard Fournette, the proud owner of a 2021 Super Bowl ring, chimed in with the advice to stay humble.

Cam Newton posted his response to the video on Instagram yesterday, explaining what really went down at the 7v7 tournament. Although it seemed to some people as though Newton was attacking the teen right back by asking where his dad was, Newton explained that he was trying to speak with an adult rather than a child.

With so many NFL athletes taking to Cam’s defense, it’s no wonder that the kid finally issued an apology to Newton on Twitter. He went on to say how appreciative he was to take part in the tournament and that he never meant to humiliate anyone.

Although he has apologized and hopes he will be forgiven, people on Twitter are quick to point out how the situation may have affected the kid’s chances to play in the future. He is just a teen, he apologized and has probably learned a valuable lesson from the situation, though, so let’s hope he can get back to making himself into the best player he can while learning a lesson in humility.