Auburn football: Ranking the fit of all 8 rumored Anthony Schwartz suitors

Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn football Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports /

Fly War Eagle has been covering the teams whose fanbases have identified a clear need for upcoming 2021 NFL draftee and former Auburn football receiver Anthony Schwartz. The Houston Texans Sports Illustrated fansite sees a fit for Schwartz in H-Town, but the Texans weren’t one of the teams listed in a recent report about who is speaking to the Tigers WR:

That is a wide array of NFL teams spanning the entire spectrum from contenders to bottom-feeders. In theory, all 32 teams in the league could find a use for one of the deadliest YAC threats in the SEC the past two seasons.

That said, let’s rank the eight specifically named by The Draft Network:

#8 Auburn football WR Anthony Schwartz fit: New York Jets

The situation in New York/New Jersey could improve drastically for Schwartz if the Jets were able to land Deshaun Watson. We saw what Watson could do with a speedster like Will Fuller, so bringing that flair to MetLife Stadium would set the stage for a good situation as a rookie under the bright lights of Broadway.

That said, the Jets are more likely to have Sam Darnold under center, with an outside shot a rookie could be the one tasked with bringing the Jets to the postseason for the first time since Mark Sanchez was a second-year sensation 11 years ago.

#7 Auburn football WR Anthony Schwartz fit: Seattle Seahawks

Seattle is a franchise that has gone to the postseason nine of the last 11 seasons. So why would they be ranked ahead of only the lowly New York Jets?

Simple. Russell Wilson might not be the quarterback next season, and it isn’t known who could be in his stead should he be dealt himself.

#6 Auburn football WR Anthony Schwartz fit: Indianapolis Colts

The Colts were in a similar situation to both New York and Seattle, but Indianapolis was able to land Carson Wentz in a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

That said, Wentz struggled mightily in Philly in 2020 (posting a career-worst passer rating and touchdown/interception ratio), and don’t forget he wasn’t the man under center when the Eagles finally won a Super Bowl in 2018.

Indianapolis may not be as good of a situation as it looks.

#5 Auburn football WR Anthony Schwartz fit: New England Patriots

On the flip side, New England may not be as bad of a situation as it appears at this very moment in time. Bill Belichick can’t be in the best of spirits following Tom Brady’s Super Bowl victory with Tampa Bay, but the Patriots may be returning a motivated Cam Newton to the fold.

Remember last time Newton’s team’s rival won a title?

Even if Newton and the Patriots part ways, fellow former Auburn football stud Jarrett Stidham is also an option at NE’s QB position.

#4 Auburn football WR Anthony Schwartz fit: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are returning Ben Roethlisberger to the fold, and backup Mason Rudolph is also in a contract year. No matter who is under center, there will be a push for Pittsburgh to win a Super Bowl in 2021-22.

That is good for everyone on the receiving core because playing it safe doesn’t seem to be on the itinerary for the “Steel City”.

#3 Auburn football WR Anthony Schwartz fit: New Orleans

Drew Brees will not be returning to the New Orleans Saints in 2021. Why then, are they ranked this high?

New Orleans is one of the suitors for Russell Wilson, and the fit may be too good to pass up. Taysom Hill is far from the worst backup plan, too.

The Saints have a sweet situation for any quarterback, with Alvin Kamara in the backfield and a receiving core headlined by Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. They will more than likely land a difference-maker this offseason.

#2 Auburn football WR Anthony Schwartz fit: Los Angeles Chargers

For the Los Angeles Chargers, it’s all about QB Justin Herbert. The rookie sensation led LA to four straight wins–and threw eight touchdowns with just one interception–to end the season and silenced doubters who believed he wouldn’t see his dominance in the Pac-12 at Oregon translate to the pros.

Schwartz would be joining an explosive receiving core with Keenan Allen and Mike Williams with a receiving threat at RB in Austin Ekeler.

#1 Auburn football WR Anthony Schwartz fit: Tennessee Titans

In addition to being in the next state north, Tennessee is also the smoothest draft fit for one obvious reason: the lack of a clear #2 WR.

A.J. Brown is the obvious #1 target, but Ryan Tannehill could definitely use another big-play threat, and Schwartz can be just that in the Volunteer State.

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