Auburn football: fans and pros react to Cam Newton’s Patriots return

Auburn footballMandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn footballMandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports /

Former Auburn football quarterback Cam Newton had a rocky last season with the Patriots. In his debut season in New England, Newton failed to impress but also struggled with the Coronavirus and its effects on his game.

According to the Boston Globe, Newton and the Patriots have agreed to another one-year deal. Jake Dolegala and former Auburn football quarterback Jarrett Stidham are the other QB’s still under contract with New England.

Cam Newton was highly praised by head coach Bill Belichick for his work in the offseason, and many people–fans and players alike–are reacting to Newton’s New England return on Twitter:

Of course, many of the reactions had to do with the viral video from a couple of weeks ago where Newton was berated by a teen athlete at one of his own 7v7 camps.

There’s no denying that Cam Newton is a great quarterback. If the Patriots can get him some offensive weapons to use, he should be the team leader that everyone is hoping for. As an Auburn man, we know Cam believes in work, hard work, and is preparing to play his best in the upcoming season.

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