Auburn football: State of Alabama had highest Power 5 winning percentage

Auburn football Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
Auburn football Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports /

Auburn football helped put the Yellowhammer State at the top of the Power 5 college football pantheon in 2020.

Okay, fine. The defending National Champions might have had a big hand in helping that stat become a thing.

Still, the two SEC rivals still vanquished the majority of their conference schedules, vanquishing mutual foes from states with multiple P5 conferences like Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Tennessee.

Here were the top five finishers, per Fox Sports’ Twitter:

The combined forces of the Tigers and their rivals up north, the Crimson Tide, helped propel the state of Alabama past fellow football-focused states like Oklahoma, Iowa, and Texas. In fact, the Lone Star State did not qualify.

To be fair, the state of Texas does represent a third of the teams that make up the Big 12 and also features SEC rival Texas A&M. The shorter schedules for teams in the Big 10 certainly weighted losses differently as well for a state like Indiana or Iowa (in the case of the Hawkeyes at least).

The graphic is in many ways flawed, and invited a lot of unwarranted Auburn football hate from ‘Bammer tweeters:

Regardless of what the Tide terrorizers have to say, Auburn football’s “solid year”–Gus Malzahn’s words, not mine–still put America’s 22nd state at the top of the college football world.

That ranking is sure to hold in 2021-22, with the Tigers owning a much better record than their 6-5 finish in 2020.

More games, a new coach, and a re-energized Plains will all be catalysts to that happening.

War Eagle!

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