Auburn football: Bryan Harsin believes there will be expanded CFP

Auburn football HC Bryan Harsin is new to the SEC, so forgive him for thinking that an expanded College Football Playoff is needed for there to be room for two teams from Alabama in the CFP.

The SEC just means more because it is the only conference in the seven-season history to ever feature two teams in the college football playoff.

In 2018, a true Plains nightmare unfolded in the National Championship as Alabama and Georgia both reached the title game out of college football’s premier conference. That could easily be repeated if a team can match up to the Crimson Tide’s dominance in the SEC.

History shows us that Auburn football can, with a 2-2 record in the last four years against the team up north. With Harsin now at the helm, confidence in Bo Nix should be at an all-time high (he’s focused, he’s having fun…), and, despite the lack of 5-star talent on the depth chart relative to the likes of Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Texas A&M, the Tigers could benefit from a narrative boost of being the arch-nemesis of the reigning overlords of the sport if they can pick off Penn State, LSU, and/or Georgia early on.

Either way, more playoff teams means more of a chance AU orange and blue is painted on the field for the season’s final game.

An expanded CFP is objectively what is best for the sport. Titles would feel more legitimate, fanbases would be placated knowing definitely where their teams stacked up in a given season, and more money would be made by sponsors, schools, and T.V. stations alike with more postseason contests/bowl games.

Harsin sees a future where more than four teams compete for a shot at the National Championship during bowl season, and shared as much to SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum (transcript via 247Sports):

“That’s been a conversation for a while now, and I would support that,” Harsin said this week on The Paul Finebaum Show. “I think ultimately it will head that direction. I’ve said this before: I’ve always felt like any team that has won all their games should have a chance to play for it all.”

Auburn football would obviously benefit from the expanded playoffs in the short-term, since it will likely take a year or two before Harsin’s blueprint could be left on the program. The SEC is likely to once again finish with the most teams in the top 10, so the more teams allowed in the playoffs, the easier it is to justify stuffing it with teams from the southeast.

Here’s to high-stakes football for more teams in the future, and to Auburn football being one of those teams.