Auburn football: Fans react to Tigers dropping out of AP Poll

What a week for college football. #2 Georgia became #1 Georgia after beating Auburn football and watching Alabama fall to an unranked Texas A&M after Kentucky sent LSU back to Baton Rouge with their tails between their legs.

Several of the top-ranked teams lost to ranked and unranked opponents, and there was much rearranging to be done before the new AP Poll was released on Sunday, but once it was there was not much logic to the results.

#18 Auburn, after losing to the #2 team on Saturday, fell completely out of the AP Poll. Meanwhile, #1 Alabama loses to an unranked Texas A&M but they’re still ranked #5. The Tigers’ only losses are to two top 10 teams in Georgia and Penn State, but they’re not good enough to be in the top 25 anymore.

Arkansas and Florida went into this weekend ranked #13 and #20 respectively. Both teams lost to other ranked opponents, and both currently hold 4-2 records. Did they lose to the #2 team? No. Yet somehow their ranked losses were only enough to drop Arkansas to #17 and Florida to #20.

Unfortunately, this means that Auburn football will head out on their second SEC road game as an unranked team to go up against Arkansas this weekend, and Tiger fans are less than happy about the slight from the voters:

The Tigers only have two unranked teams left on the schedule this year in Mississippi State and South Carolina, who they’ll go up against after facing #17 Arkansas this week and #13 Ole Miss following that. Auburn will have to go up against Texas A&M as well before, finally, #5 Alabama is waiting in the wings for the Iron Bowl in November.