Auburn football rumors: Bo Nix benched with broken ankle?

There is no rumor mill like the Auburn football rumor mill, but this rumor appears to be pretty serious. The Tigers lost at home to Mississippi State in a devastating fashion, the cherry on top being when T.J. Finley came in on the last drive and fumbled the ball away to the Bulldogs.

It seems likely that Finley went in due to Bo Nix having an injured ankle, with Justin Hokanson of Auburn Live reporting that Nix was injured late in the third quarter and returned to the game while Finley warmed up. Many fans are speculating that Nix actually broke his ankle during the game, and the rumors may turn out to be true.

ABC Columbia Sports Reporter Cam Gaskins tweeted that sources close to the Nix family have confirmed that the starting quarterback’s ankle is indeed broken and that he is expected to sit out next weekend’s matchup versus the South Carolina Gamecocks:

Did the coaches really put Bo Nix back in the game with a broken ankle? Regardless of how serious the injury was, Nix should be commended for giving his all and putting his body on the line for his team. No matter who is under center for the Tigers the rest of the season, Nix played his heart out for Auburn this year.

While nothing has been officially confirmed by Bo Nix or the Auburn football program, it seems clear that the Tigers’ QB1 is injured to some extent, and he could potentially miss the last two games on Auburn’s regular-season schedule.

We’re sending prayers for a speedy recovery towards Nix, and stay tuned for more information on who will take over the QB role for the Tigers.