Auburn football program’s performance could lead to Allen Greene ouster

Apparently, all the goodwill built up across Auburn University’s various athletic programs doesn’t save you if Auburn football isn’t up to incoming school president Dr. Chris Roberts’ standards.

So that No. 1 Auburn basketball ranking earlier this season? The meteoric rise of Auburn gymnastics?

Yea, that might not save Allen Greene’s job.

According to’s Nubyjas Wilborn, the SEC’s priorities as a conference–mainly, prioritizing ‘futtbaw’, if you will–could mean Greene isn’t long for the Plains:

Of course, in the SEC, you are judged most for how your football team performs, and that’s the impetus behind a lot of the uncertainty around Greene’s status at Auburn moving forward.

That isn’t aligned with what the former Notre Dame/minor league baseball player wants with his career.

Greene reiterated that Auburn is where he wants to stay on the Plains:

“I love it here. My wife loves it here. My kids love it here. When I got here four years ago, I remember telling a group of alumni that I’ve been an Auburn man my whole life. I just didn’t know until I got here.”

The failures of Auburn football could force Allen Greene out of the AD job

The Bryan Harsin hire was a big gamble for Allen Greene’s tenure, and it was something that was ultimately decided on by an executive search firm brought on by the AU Board of Trustees.

If it turns out to be what costs Greene his job, it’d be a shame. Particularly because the 2021 season was nowhere near as hopeless as it seemed on paper.

Remember that the Tigers were 6-2 and ranked in the top 15 at the beginning November. This was a squad that shut out the eventual SEC Champions, Alabama, who were the only team to knock off the National Champions, Georgia, for three quarters a week before the Tide took it to the Dawgs in the title game.

The 2022 Auburn football season seemingly has more riding on it now with Greene’s fate seemingly hanging in the balance.