Kevin Scarbinsky: ‘Why not Notre Dame to the SEC?’

Where conference realignment talks go next is anyone’s guess–sportsbooks are confident that Clemson and Florida State could be the next Power Five defectors–but one very popular school that finds itself in the middle of many rumors is Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish have their pick between the Big Ten and the SEC, who are both aiming to build a super conference capable of staging its own College Football Playoff.

When it comes to which conference Notre Dame may settle on as their choice, college football writer Kevin Scarbinsky must know: why not the SEC?

The CoachSafely Foundation’s Director of Communications made his case for the South Bend, Indiana powerhouse making its way to the Southeastern Conference by evoking the names of two of the most sacred college football traditions (Iron Bowl, Touchdown Jesus):

“If anything’s possible and nothing’s sacred – but icons like Touchdown Jesus and the Iron Bowl – why not (Notre Dame football) to the SEC? A man who grew up at St. Patrick’s and Nativity BVM High School can dream, can’t he?”

Dennis Dodd believes the SEC and Big Ten are ‘a Notre Dame away from staging their own playoff’

The idea of either the SEC or Big Ten staging their own College Football Playoff came from CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd, who said that the SEC and Big Ten are ‘a Notre Dame away from staging their own playoff’. He did add the caveat that ‘maybe they don’t even need the Fighting Irish, who are again deciding whether to join a conference after 130 years of independence.’

Notre Dame is the belle of the ball when it comes to conference realignment, so it’s not surprising to see a team that has long negotiated its own TV deal separate from every other conference being viewed as a game-changing get.