Bruce Pearl sends strong message on Auburn basketball transfer: ‘Perfect example of the great American dream’

Auburn basketball head coach Bruce Pearl had a strong message regarding his latest transfer portal acquisition, Chaney Johnson — of whom the Tigers played during AU’s preseason exhibition matchup against UAH on November 2 in an 87-69 win.

“Chaney’s journey is the perfect example of the great American dream,” Pearl said. “He graduates from Thompson High School, goes to UAH to play for John Shulman, grows four inches, leads his team to a conference championship, becomes (conference) player of the year in three years, and now, has the opportunity to play at Auburn in the SEC. Chaney’s hard work, dedication, length and athleticism, have enabled him to become quite the talent. He will have the opportunity to impact our team right away. Auburn Basketball just got better.”

Johnson comes to the Tigers after rumors of Devan Cambridge’s return before the former Auburn basketball highlight machine chose to stay in the Pac-12 and join Oregon and amidst FSU transfer Matthew Cleveland’s decision. AU is in Cleveland’s Top 3 schools.

Chaney Johnson on Auburn basketball transfer decision

Johnson explained why he chose to play basketball in East Central Alabama, citing his family’s proximity to the Plains.

“I feel like Auburn is the place for me,” Johnson said. “It means a lot being a lot closer to my family and being a lot closer to my grandma in Alexander City. Going to school at UAH, I’m coming from the North to the South. To come see my grandma was a three and a half hour drive. Now I’m closer to be able to see her. I’m closer to a lot of my family and a lot of them on my mom’s side are big Auburn fans.”

Johnson then left Tiger fans with an exciting message on what’s next for the Alabaster native.

“I’m working on all aspects of my game,” Johnson said. “I feel like I’m a decently balanced basketball player. I can do everything well, but I don’t specialize in anything. It’s just finding things that Coach Pearl and coach Steven Pearl think I need to work on. Just trying up all my skills.”