Auburn legend stands up for ex-Alabama QB after ‘peashooter’ scrutiny

Auburn football legend Cam Newton stuck up for his former teammate Mac Jones, this after longtime NFL head coach Rex Ryan called the ex-Alabama quarterback a “peashooter,” by calling Ryan out on his show and labeling him a “hater.”

“This particular person I really, like this was probably a coach that I could see myself playing for but Rex Ryan, bro you sounding like a hater to Mac Jones you feel me, giving somebody a backhanded compliment what was it like the peashooter? Come on bro, like it’s early on in the season,” Newton said (h/t Sportskeeda). “So, therefore it’s like let’s have some grace, now granted we know you took a couple L’s to New England, but you also gave them a couple Ls, so it’s it’s a little bitterness from you in your days back in the Jets but uh yeah it’s just giving hater vibes big dog.”

Ryan certainly does come off as unnecessarily demeaning to Jones, who completed 35/54 passes against the Philadelphia Eagles’ vaunted defense full of former Georgia Bulldogs. Not only did Ryan coach the New York Jets from 2009-2014, but he also coached the Buffalo Bills in 2015 and 2016.

Auburn football legend Cam Newton joining the Jets likely a ‘non-starter’

It’s not actually possible for Newton to join the New York Jets despite his name being connected to the role following the first-quarter season-ending Achilles injury to Aaron Rodgers in his debut with Gang Green — with Cat Crave’s Dean Jones pouring cold water on the idea.

“Make no mistake, Newton or any other free agent/backup would jump at the chance to join the Jets,” Jones prefaced before saying, “This is a roster stacked with talent and if Wilson cannot rid himself of the errors that have blighted his time in the league so far, getting time on the field is a distinct possibility.

“This would be a fairytale for Newton – especially considering his prowess as a mentor that often goes overlooked. But in all honesty, it’s a non-starter.”

Newton’s career may have to go through a spring league like the USFL or XFL if he insists on being the unquestioned starter it seems.