Alabama writer misses Nick Saban holding media hostage after Kalen DeBoer presser

Jan 16, 2024; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA; New Alabama head football coach Kalen DeBoer is introduced
Jan 16, 2024; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA; New Alabama head football coach Kalen DeBoer is introduced / Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports
facebooktwitterreddit's Michael Casagrande admitted that he misses Nick Saban holding the media hostage during press conferences back when he was Alabama's head coach -- saying this after Kalen DeBoer spoke to reporters following the Crimson Tide's first spring practice under their new leader.

"The new era will include availabilities for assistant coaches outside of those required by bowl games," Casagrande prefaced before saying, "Media viewing windows will reopen for the first time since Saban shut them a few years ago. That means a little more insight not just for the writers but the readers as well. So you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice.

"At the same time, something was missing Monday in the 15 minutes of DeBoer time at the mic Monday. Call it Stockholm Syndrome from 14-plus years of covering Saban standing in the same spot, but the threat of nuclear meltdown always added a dose of adrenaline to the proceedings. Sure, that had softened some in his final years but these pressers had the potential to go off the rails at any moment. It was kinda fun, honestly."

Following up Nick Saban will be impossible task for Kalen DeBoer

Imagine being more open and nicer to the local media, offering the chance to get an intimate look at the team practicing, and then they turn around and claim they actually miss the manipulative behavior of the head coach you replaced.

If there's any sign that indicates that DeBoer will have a nearly impossible task replacing Saban, it's that.

Saban's retirement always ran the risk of sinking Bama's brand and turning the tide on the recruiting trail in the state of Alabama and across the south. Seeing it in live time was always going to be jarring, but you figured it would take a nine-win season to have folks yearning for Saban.

Nope. All it took was *checks notes* DeBoer not scaring the bejesus out of media members on hand covering his team at press conferences to make everyone nostalgic about the Saban era in Tuscaloosa.