Analyst foresees Big Ten and SEC not adding FSU and Clemson due to market redundancy

FSU v Clemson
FSU v Clemson / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

Rutgers Wire's Kristian Dyer sees a possibility that the Big Ten and SEC will avoid adding FSU and Clemson when the two schools inevitably leave the ACC due to potential redundancy in markets should the B1G add AAU-accredited UNC and Miami.

"And Florida State would be redundant if Miami were added," Dyer prefaced before saying, "Keep in mind that the Big Ten hasn’t added redundant media markets in conference expansion, with the addition of USC and UCLA (both from Los Angeles) being unique in getting the deal done. Were Miami added to the Big Ten, they would bring much if not all of Florida with them as a media market. Why then would the Big Ten need Florida State? Simply, they wouldn’t.

"It is the same reason why the SEC might not add Florida State (already has Florida) or Clemson (already has South Carolina). Why double-down on existing markets when you already own said market? Better to add or expand the footprint for television sets."

The SEC would absolutely add FSU and Clemson giving the chance

Dyer made a point that Clemson would bring a small Charleston market and even compared it to Atlanta. The truth of the matter, though, is that Clemson is less than two hours from Atlanta and over three and a half hours to Charleston. If anything, Clemson has just as much of a market share in the ATL as anywhere in its own state, where it frequently plays in the Chick-fil-A/Aflac Kickoff Game.

That aside, the SEC will not, under any circumstances, pass on FSU and Clemson. The Noles are in the Florida Panhandle, which is more culturally southern than Gainesville and Miami by a country mile, and Clemson has won two of the last seven national championships.

The SEC is not going to say no to either if the opportunity arises to add them. Both fanbases are glove fits for the "It Just Means More" conference and both programs are historical powerhouses.