Auburn football legend Cam Newton among those accused of ruining youth sports

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Cam Newton was put in a group, alongside unruly parents, by USA Today's Stephen Borelli of adults who are ruining youth sports after a viral brawl involving the former Auburn football Heisman winner at his C1N 7 v 7 event.

"...this narrative isn’t just about parents," Borelli prefaced before saying, "It’s about all the adults who are ruining youth sports for our children.

"Adults such as Newton, who runs a youth sports organization, brawl with each other in front of parents and kids. Adults coach kids but feel they're facing off against each other, or they sit in the stands across from one another, and feel their egos are on the line. Adults monetize these same kids with their so-called 'select' or 'elite' pay-to-play teams."

Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson refused to place the blame on Newton for what happened during the “Nightcap” podcast.

“When you have someone like Cam Newton giving players an opportunity to display themselves at these 7-on-7 camps, you’re supposed to be taking advantage of these situations," Johnson prefaced before saying, "Many times I’ve seen players, coaches and parents disrespect Cam Newton at these camps.”

“Peyton and Eli [Manning] have been having a camp for 20-something years,” Sharpe added (h/t The New York Post). “You ain’t never seen no kids being disrespectful to Peyton and Eli.”

Auburn football legend Cam Newton having up and down year

Newton has had as up and down a year as anyone.

On one hand, he's been accused of having sour grapes about no longer being employed by the NFL, supposedly explaining his insults aimed at Brock Purdy, Dak Prescott, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jared Goff. Not to mention this fighting controversy.

On the other, Newton is now a podcasting superstar who lands major guests left and right on the "4th & 1" podcast. He's announced his intentions to be a superstar in sports media, and he's quickly getting there.

Good or bad, Newton is going to stay until the news indefinitely. He's just that much of a needle-mover.