Auburn football legend Cam Newton blamed by opposing coach for viral brawl at 7 v 7 event

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Auburn football legend Cam Newton was blamed by TJ Brown, one of the opposing coaches at the C1N 7 v 7 event, for the viral brawl that took the internet by storm on February 25.

"This is typical Cam Newton behavior on the 7-on-7 scene," TJ said (h/t Fox News). "But yesterday was a little worse, and you can even ask people in his organization. Cam ain’t never act like that. I’ve seen him talk crazy to parents, talk crazy to some of the kids because everybody tries to make it seem like, ‘Oh, the kids just be disrespecting Cam.’ No, Cam be disrespecting people, too. 

"He’s just got to understand we’re people. Nobody’s just going to let you go around disrespecting and talking crazy to them. I know how to brush it off, but not everybody’s like that."

Steph Brown says he let Auburn football legend Cam Newton 'trigger' him, leading to brawl

Steph Brown, TJ's brother, was the man in the video Newton engaged with. As Steph explains, he let Newton "trigger" him, leading to him confronting Newton to his face and getting physical with someone he had no business getting physical with.

"I’m disappointed in myself," Steph prefaced before saying, "I let Cam trigger me to that point where I entertained what he was doing, but it was never out of ill will or to put him in harm’s way. I’m 5’9", man, but I stand on what I stand on. I say what I’m going to say no matter what. I ain’t got to be loud, this and that. But me going up there was to let him know, ‘Cam, you’re not gonna disrespect our organization, you’re not going to disrespect our kids or our parents out here. You’re bigger than that.’"

Now that the TSP crew has revealed their side of the story, it's time to hear Cam's. Standby.