Auburn football legend Cam Newton shreds QB who signed to team he was interested in

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Auburn football legend Cam Newton shredded Kirk Cousins after the former Minnesota Viking signed a four-year, $180 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons that includes $50 million guaranteed -- saying that the signal-caller inking such a hefty pact is "definitely alarming to see."

"It is extremely alarming that he only had one playoff win in 12 years. ... he's coming off of an injury," Newton said on the 4th&1 podcast (h/t CBS Sports). "It's definitely alarming to see.

"We don't see Kirk Cousins outside of football ... It's real quiet."

Newton claimed that he'd only return to the NFL if he were able to play for his hometown Falcons.

"It's always been about family, and I don't see myself leaving Atlanta," Newton said on January 23 during an appearance on "Good Morning Football" (h/t Falcon Report). "So if it's not Atlanta, I don't want it."

Auburn football legend Cam Newton pitched for specialty role on Atlanta Falcons

Blogging Dirty's Nick Halden pitched a role for Newton that would see him perfectly complement Cousins, who is recovering from a torn Achilles: a goal-line scoring specialist who'd take contact head-on.

"Atlanta can carry three quarterbacks and having Cam in one of those spots gives the team a unique skill set to use around the goalline and in short-yardage situations," Halden prefaced before saying, "Running their own version of the tush push with Cam Newton the Falcons would have a unique weapon that would protect their starting quarterback.

"While there is an argument that Bijan Robinson or Tyler Allgeier could run this role neither is as elite as Newton is at getting that one yard. There is also the quarterback skill set Newton brings to use in trick plays. Bringing a division rival to Atlanta is doubtful but it could be extremely useful if Newton would accept such a role."

On second thought, Newton speaking disrespectfully of Cousins' contract may be a disqualifier in the Falcons' front office's eyes.