'Unique role' on Falcons pitched for Auburn football legend Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons / Scott Cunningham/GettyImages

Auburn football fans may have to make the drive up I85 or I20 to watch Cam Newton in a "unique role" that Blogging Dirty's Nick Halden has in mind for the former Heisman winner and NFL MVP; a role that'd essentially see Newton as a designated touchdown scorer at the goal line.

"Atlanta can carry three quarterbacks and having Cam in one of those spots gives the team a unique skill set to use around the goalline and in short-yardage situations," Halden prefaced before saying, "Running their own version of the tush push with Cam Newton the Falcons would have a unique weapon that would protect their starting quarterback.

"While there is an argument that Bijan Robinson or Tyler Allgeier could run this role neither is as elite as Newton is at getting that one yard. There is also the quarterback skill set Newton brings to use in trick plays. Bringing a division rival to Atlanta is doubtful but it could be extremely useful if Newton would accept such a role."

Cam Newton retires after stints with Panthers, Patriots, and Auburn football

Newton has said that he'd consider returning to his hometown Falcons, but barring this role becoming available to him -- and we don't even know that he'd actually take it --, his football career is over. According to his own words.

“I’m not a football player no more,” he said (h/t Boardroom). “I’m a YouTuber.

“So you’re asking me, ‘Okay Cam, are you still playing football?’ My answer is ‘Hell no.' But I’m busier than I’ve ever been because I could take what football taught me and implement it in every single one of my businesses. The structure, the discipline, the sacrifice, the mental stamina that’s needed. And that’s the conversation. The grind. The joy is in the journey.”

Having last played in 2021, Newton has technically been retired for two seasons already. But now you've heard from the man himself that he really has hung up the cleats.

And you'll hear plenty more from the man himself in his new career.