Big 12 HC's strong message on splitting Power conferences from G5: 'Alabama and LA Tech aren’t playing same sport'

Alabama Spring Game
Alabama Spring Game / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

TCU head coach Sonny Dykes evoked Alabama and LA Tech to paint the picture of how wide the gap is between the Power conferences and the Group of 5 during an interview with Dave Campbell’s Texas Football.

“There’s got to be a split eventually,” Dykes said (h/t On3). “There is such a big difference right now between the haves and the have-nots and I think we’ll eventually split into two separate divisions. Alabama and LA Tech aren’t playing the same sport."

As Dykes explained, the schools at the top of the sport essentially get to shop from the player pools of schools that aren't the biggest revenue-drivers and NIL spenders; creating a caste system of where the rich get richer and the rest never rise.

“These jobs are even harder now because if one of your players has a great season, he’s probably getting plucked away. Your only chance is to build a great culture and hope that keeps most of your roster intact.”

Group of 5 schools trying to have separate College Football Playoff from Power conferences

Derek Dooley, a man who has experience in both the Alabama and LA Tech football programs, proposed a separate College Football Playoff for Group of 5 schools that'd give them a legitimate chance to call themselves a Division I national champion.

"You've got presidents and chancellors [from the Group of Five] now saying, 'Why would [we sit] around waiting for the inevitable, which is a total break [by the SEC and Big Ten]?'" one Group of Five administrator familiar with Dooley's proposal told CBS Sports. "We better start doing some things."

As CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd reports, the G5's attempt to separate from the main CFP is an idea born from the decrease in revenue percentage for the schools in the new CFP deal from the old one; even if the raw payouts would be higher.

So there will be more tangible differences between the nature of the game Alabama and LA Tech play very soon it seems.