Big 12 head coach: 'Conference realignment is not over'

Oklahoma State v Texas Tech
Oklahoma State v Texas Tech / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

We're all not getting off of college sports' conference realignment merry-go-round anytime soon if Texas Tech head coach Joey McGuire is to be believed.

McGuire, during an appearance on 365 Sports on April 26, claimed that conference realignment "is not over," though he did note that he does not know anything concrete; or, breaking kayfabe for a minute, wouldn't reveal it.

"It's going to be interesting because, and I don't know enough about this part, but I do think that conference realignment is not over," McGuire prefaced before saying, "It can be two years, or three years, or maybe even next year. But I don't think you're through seeing what the Big 12 looks like, and the Big Ten, and the SEC. I think those three conferences are going to look different. Definitely within the next year they can look different."

Texas Tech can join the SEC in future conference realignment

Radio host Greg Swaim predicted several teams joining the SEC in the future from the Big 12 and ACC, including the Red Raiders.

"If the so-called 'Super Conferences' begin poaching the Big12 and ACC, it's (Kansas football) to the B1G along with Notre Dame, UNC, and UVA, while FSU, Clemson, OK State, K-State, and Texas Tech to the SEC," Swaim wrote. "There will be other B12 and ACC school poaches as well, but at this time please, no wagering!"

Texas Tech is not AAU accredited, so the Red Raiders would never qualify for the Big Ten. The SEC makes sense from a culture standpoint -- Lubbock, Texas is the kind of all-in city where "It Just Means More" -- and could make sense as a replacement for Texas A&M should the Aggies join the B1G as is rumored.

If McGuire is to be believed, such a jump can happen sooner than later.