Charlotte being SEC Network's home bodes well for UNC joining conference

The SEC Network being in Charlotte bodes well for UNC's chances of joining the SEC
The SEC Network being in Charlotte bodes well for UNC's chances of joining the SEC / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

"SEC Football Unfiltered" host Blake Toppmeyer believes the SEC Network calling the City of Charlotte home bodes well for UNC's chances of joining the conference if/when the ACC ceases to be.

In fact, of anyone, UNC will draw the most SEC interest according to Toppmeyer.

'UNC might interest the SEC more than any other school," Toppmeyer said. "It's a big brand in a growing state, and Charlotte is home to the SEC Network."

While UNC is in Chapel Hill, two hours from the Queen City, the Tar Heels are unquestionably the state's flagship representative. Duke basketball may be the biggest brand in the state, but Blue Devils football is nowhere near as relevant nationally as UNC. As long as Mack Brown is there, at least.

UNC has choice between SEC and Big Ten in realignment

UNC's geography makes it unique in that they will be coveted by the SEC, but that the Tar Heels also have AAU accreditation means they are Big Ten eligible as they are -- and a deal could come together quickly with the B1G once the ACC loses dominion over its member schools.

UNC has the academics to match the Big Ten, but also has the rabid fanbase to fit right into the SEC. A built-in rivalry with South Carolina is right there for the taking and Tennessee isn't too far either if they pursued the latter, but the chance to become a more national brand presents itself in the B1G.

There's no wrong choice for the Tar Heels, and that's the best place to be as a Power 4 program in 2024. Not every school has those options or the chance to build their brand no matter what's next.

Wherever UNC goes, it may diverge from Clemson and FSU, which feel like a package deal in conference in realignment.