Chris Long's hilarious response to Auburn football legend Cam Newton fight at 7 v 7 event

2022 Huncho Day Celebrity Football Game
2022 Huncho Day Celebrity Football Game / Paras Griffin/GettyImages

Two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long had a hilarious response to Auburn football legend Cam Newton's viral fight video at his 7 v 7 C1N-sponsored event in Atlanta on his "Green Light" podcast: opposing coaches need to "run mesh and shut the f*** up."

"Here's what I think is the problem with the whole thing, it's right there on the flier of the seven-on-seven tournament," Long prefaced before saying, "The real issue is in the name dude: We Ball Sports x DynastyU seven-on-seven tournament at B.E.S.T. Academy. How about, 'you're gonna have to earn it tournament at, I don't know, nobody gives a f*** about you yet Academy.' How about something like that to drive home the fact that there is an untold amount of work, discipline, aptitude, and respect that you're gonna to need to exhibit to ever make the money or the memories or the impact that somebody like Cam Newton has.

"It's a bunch of hectic, confrontational b*******. It's like, this is the currency now is 'I gotta win everything.' 'I gotta punk Cam Newton.' Man just f****** run a route and shut the f*** up. Run mesh and shut the f*** up buddy. Like, get an autograph and keep it moving player. That's Cam Newton."

Men who attacked Auburn football legend 'deserved to get their a** whooped'

Deadspin's Carron J. Phillips was far more dismissive of TJ and Steph Brown of the TSP crew than even Long. Phillips believes that what the Browns did at the event was not only laughable, but made them deserving of the a** whooping Newton dished out.

"Sitting on the couch (or in the press box) and believing that you can do, or be better at, what professional athletes accomplish every day is outrageous," Phillips prefaced before saying, "But thinking you can beat up a man who’s arguably the most physically imposing quarterback the NFL has ever seen isn’t just laughable, it’s proof of why you deserved to get your ass whooped."

Evidently, what TSP did was not exactly popular with just about anyone.