Ohio State analyst on C.J. Stroud's 'Auburn sucks' take: 'Beauty of college football'

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Fighting words were thrown by C.J. Stroud on Cam Newton's "4th & 1" podcast when the words "Auburn sucks" were uttered by the Houston Texans QB; on the Auburn football legend's own show, as Newton was showering praise on the former Ohio State star, no less.

Worse yet, Scarlett and Game's Ryan Stano actually believes this is the "beauty of college football."

"I enjoy seeing Stroud take shots at other programs. It's fun! Newton is just as passionate about his Auburn Tigers as Stroud is about the Ohio State football program," Stano prefaced before saying, "This is the beauty of college football. Everyone has an opinion on their favorite program and about how other teams stink."

C.J. Stroud's 'Auburn sucks' take a dagger in the heart of Cam Newton and Auburn football fans everywhere

Any Auburn "Stroud Boys" crossover may as well be done for now with Stroud not only claiming that the Tigers suck but even taking Alabama's side in the Iron Bowl rivalry. On Newton's podcast, might I again remind you?

Stroud was Justin Fields' backup on the 2020 Ohio State team that was walloped by the last Nick Saban-coached Crimson Tide team to win a national championship in the College Football Playoff final. Why exactly would he be for Alabama, considering he's never played Auburn?

In many ways, it's almost disrespectful to Newton that he'd say that as the 2010 Heisman was showering him with praise. Or Stroud has Stockholm syndrome from the January 2021 beatdown. Or he still thinks Bryan Harsin is AU's head coach.

Either way, Stroud has let down many with this unsolicited attack on a program and community that has a value set he would've been for had he not chosen to put stickers on his helmet instead.

And no, it is anything but beautiful, Mr. Stano.