Ex-Oregon and Auburn football QB Bo Nix will be generational in NFL if 'athletic Drew Brees' comparison holds

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OutKick's Mark Harris believes former Oregon and Auburn football QB Bo Nix will be generational in the NFL if the "athletic Drew Brees" comparison holds during the Pinson product's upcoming pro career.

"As for Robinson's claim that Nix may be an athletic Brees, if that's the case, then we may be talking about a generational quarterback by the end of the former Auburn and Oregon quarterback's career," Harris wrote.

NFL Network analyst Michael Robinson called Nix an athletic version of Brees and took a shot at the former New Orleans Saints QB's abilities in the process.

"You're not going to see Drew Brees do a lot of quarterback draws or things like that," Robinson said on a broadcast when deciphering the difference between Brees and Nix.

Auburn football version of Bo Nix predicted in the NFL

Not everyone is as sky-high on Nix as Robinson was, comparing him to a former Super Bowl MVP and two-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award winner. Blogging Dirty's Nick Halden thinks we'll see Nix resemble his Auburn form more closely than his Heisman candidate form at Oregon.

"The NFL version of Nix is likely much closer to what we saw in Auburn and not the player he was with the Ducks," Halden prefaced before saying, "Whether it is his ability to process the field or not letting a play go the reasons to avoid Nix in Atlanta are obvious. Perhaps in the perfect NFL system, Nix could be a solid backup but he clearly isn't a starter long-term, and drafting him as such sets your team up for failure."

Time will tell if that's true. Nix's success will largely depend on the Denver Broncos' offensive line giving him opportunities to shine and Sean Payton's schemes creating openings for his skill position weapons.

Nix's AU tenure being ripped is unfortunately nothing new. In fact, it's gotten so prevalent that it's being referenced to describe Shedeur Sanders' situation in Colorado.

I guess they're both second-generation players. Other than that, any comparison is a stretch. Brees makes more sense comparison-wise.