Final straw for FSU in ACC was missing CFP, Big Ten 'constantly' circulated in rumors for Noles

CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama
CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

FSU missing the College Football Playoff despite an undefeated season and a conference championship was the "final straw" for the Seminoles' desire to remain in the ACC according to USA Today's Dan Rorabaugh.

"The final straw for Florida State might have been the FSU football team going undefeated and winning the ACC championship but still being left out of the College Football Playoff," Rorabaugh wrote. "Outrage from all over Florida (and beyond) started immediately after the CFP announcement December 3, and on December 22, the FSU Board of Trustees voted to sue the conference over its media right deal."

Additionally, the Big Ten was rumored to be the landing spot for the Seminoles, with the B1G "constantly" circulating in the rumor mill.

"Clemson entered the mix in March with its own lawsuit against the ACC," Rorabaugh wrote. "Both schools show intent on exiting the ACC, with FSU stating it outright in a filing March 27. While the two could leap to either the Big Ten or the ACC, it's the Big Ten that seems to constantly circulate in the rumor mill for the Seminoles. Nothing is official yet, however."

Big Ten may not consider FSU due to lack of AAU accreditation

Hold on there a second. We got ourselves a source-off.

While the USA Today network contends that the Big Ten is the conference to beat for FSU's service, even going as far as saying that the only thing left to confirm the Noles in the B1G is the dotting of the I's and the crossing of the Ts, longtime college football radio host Greg Swaim's sources say that the lack of AAU accreditation means the Big Ten isn't an option for FSU.

"I don't know how many times I have to bring this up, but of thirteen B1G schools I have quality sources for, eleven of them tell me in no uncertain terms that their school will absolutely, positively NOT vote in a school that is not AAU accredited," Swaim wrote.

FSU feels like a natural fit for the SEC with Florida already a founding member of the "It Just Means More" conference. The Big Ten, however, would probably love to expand into the Florida market.

Stay tuned.