Former Auburn football assistant can help Texas A&M pull coup for Tigers transfer

A former Auburn football assistant can help Texas A&M pull a recruiting coup for an impactful Tigers transfer in the portal.
Missouri v Auburn
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As Gig Em Gazzette's Graham Harmon relayed, former Auburn football defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff could be the key to Texas A&M potentially pulling off a major recruiting coup for recent Tigers transfer portal entry Keionte Scott.

"Elko hired Wesley McGriff as his defensive backs coach not long ago," Harmon prefaced before asking, "Where was McGriff previously? Auburn. I believe those two working in tandem could land a talent such as Scott. His familiarity with McGriff and his ability at a position of need for the team would make this a logical landing spot for him.

"If the Aggies can land the plane on this one, it would be massive. Elko has already done so much to turn the defensive backfield from an area of concern into an area of strength, and this would cement that turnaround. Aggie fans should keep a close eye on this one, as it would be a huge coup."

Keionte Scott on Auburn football this past season: 'Home, literally'

The ending of a relationship always stings less when you can see it coming. You may have seen a viral message board posting from a Tiger fan reacting to the Scott announcement, and trust me, that was a bit much and would be regardless of the subject matter; let alone a college football player trying to find a new school.

But Scott's exit is so hard to digest because it was just this past season that the San Diego native was boasting about the Plains being his home away from home and how he was a closer for the program on the recruiting trail.

“You know, not necessarily sell anything, because it’s the real deal,” Scott said of his role as one of Auburn’s closers (h/t “But just being able to tell the guys the player aspect of things. I feel like that’s big for them and I take pride in that.

“(Auburn is) Home, literally. Just a loving place.”

What happened? Probably something NIL-related. That it happened will be hard to process until he finds a new home. Then it'll be even harder to.