Former Auburn football HC's wife belittled for complaining about chemtrails

Ole Miss v Auburn
Ole Miss v Auburn / Michael Chang/GettyImages

Former Auburn football head coach Bryan Harsin's wife, Kes, was belittled by OutKick's David Hookstead for complaining about chemtrails in the sky via her Instagram account.

"Of course, there's no proof of any kind that (the government leaving chemtrails) is actually happening, but that didn't stop Kes from speaking her mind," Hookstead wrote.

"It seems like promoting conspiracy theories is all the rage these days, and it's at least fun to engage. Danica Patrick recently promoted the idea the moon landing was fake, and Kes Harsin - whose husband was fired by Auburn in 2022 - is now pushing the idea chemtrails exist. Are you not entertained?"

Kes spoke her truth on her social media channel, (factually) implying that the government is working (with the FDA) to put chemicals into people every day.

"Oh, look at this beautiful cloud formation!!! Not!!! This is chemtrails people," Kes prefaced in a deleted post before saying, "Anyone else tired of breathing in chemicals that are being dumped on you 24/7!!? It’s time to take back our clear blue skies!! If Tennessee banned it why can’t we!? And you wonder why so many people suffer from allergies!!"

Bryan Harsin and his family are not safe from the media after disastrous Auburn football tenure

The Harsin family is one that the media, particularly those who cover the Tigers, won't be letting go anytime soon. Between Bryan sounding off on President Donald Trump's conviction on counts related to campaign finances in 2016, Davis wearing Alabama gear, and Kes now taking aim at the federal government, the family is a goldmine of content.

They'll never be covered too favorably by the national or local media. The former group will always crucify him for bringing dysfunction back to AU after Gus Malzahn had things humming without much drama for years while the latter group will always hold allegations of racism behind the scenes against him.

Harsin and his family are not in an enviable position from a narrative perspective unless you believe all press is good press. From a financial standpoint, his buyout will have them set and secure for years to come.