Former Auburn football HC roasted for reaction to Donald Trump conviction

President Trump Holds A Press Conference At Trump Tower Day After Guilty Verdict
President Trump Holds A Press Conference At Trump Tower Day After Guilty Verdict / Spencer Platt/GettyImages

Former Auburn football head coach Bryan Harsin was roasted for his Instagram story that read "Humiliation, mockery, public shaming, that's what evil does" by Split Zone Duo's Alex Kirshner -- who joked that Harsin is so reviled in Lee County, Alabama that he may have angry Republicans reconsidering their opposition to the guilty May 30 Donald Trump verdict in New York because of the Boise native's opinion.

"Patriot: Bryan Harsin lowers the national temperature by causing furious Republicans in Lee County, AL to reconsider their opposition to the verdicts," Harsin wrote.

Harsin is hated, but not that hated. Still, his reputation will persist as someone who has such negative clout that he can convince those with their heels dug in to reconsider their long-established political views after his endorsement.

Bryan Harsin will never recover from Auburn football stint

A full season came and went without Harsin getting another coaching job in college football. There have been rumors that Harsin could return to his alma mater, Boise State, and for a minute it seemed like he'd be coaching his son, Davis, at Idaho State, but nothing has really come from it.

It's possible that Harsin's Tigers stint may have knocked him out of contention for another coaching job in the immediate future. Or indefinitely. Until he gets hired somewhere again, it's the latter narrative we'll have to roll with.

Doing the one thing you cannot get away with as a college head coach, failing to recruit, Harsin burned every bridge in the state of Alabama by not building any meaningful relationships with local coaches. What's far worse is that he has been accused of racism against certain players.

Harsin will forever be a villain to Barners and a punchline to Bammers. In less than two years in charge at AU, he carved out an infamous legacy that few will ever forget.

Even if most Tiger fans probably want to.