Former Auburn football head coach Bryan Harsin linked to alma mater for reunion at OC

New Mexico v Boise State
New Mexico v Boise State / Loren Orr/GettyImages

Former Auburn football head coach Bryan Harsin was linked to a return to his alma mater, Boise State, and specifically the Broncos' recently-vacated offensive coordinator role, by KIDO Sports Radio's Kevin Miller.

"Boise State football will be looking for a new offensive coordinator," Miller prefaced before saying, "The University of Kentucky officially hired Bush Hamdan to lead the Wildcat offense. Bronco Nation will hope that the brain trust will find a suitable replacement. Could we see a return of Mark Sanford or Bryan Harsin?"

Harsin appeared to join Idaho State's coaching staff after switching his social media to pictures of him in Bengals apparel.

"It's unclear what the messaging here is supposed to be, but Bryan Harsin has decided to link his social media to Idaho State football," Auburn Daily's Lance Dawe prefaced on December 15 before saying, "Harsin, formerly the head coach at Boise State and Auburn, has updated his Twitter/X profile to link to Idaho State's football page on their website. He now has their football Twitter/X account tagged in his bio and a new profile picture of him wearing Idaho State gear.

Bryan Harsin has been away long enough to have value in return after failed Auburn football stint

Harsin sat out the 2023 season, and across the college football landscape, bad coaching jobs took place. That includes coordinators on both sides of the football.

Harsin was good enough in Boise during his initial stint to warrant another look from the Broncos, and with the offensive coordinator job open, he could make for a safe and reliable option next to his former defensive coordinator in 2019 and 2020, Spencer Danielson.

If Danielson doesn't work out with all the responsibilities of a head coach, he can take a demotion back to DC as Harsin resumes the post he arguably should've never left.