Former Auburn football QB1 attempts to clear name after viral Cam Newton 7 v 7 fight

Ole Miss v Auburn
Ole Miss v Auburn / Michael Chang/GettyImages

Former Auburn football QB1 Robby Ashford attempted to clear his name from internet accusations that he was part of the brawl at Cam Newton's 7 v 7 event on February 25; taking to social media to tell everyone to stop saying he was part of the fighting.

"Y’all just be just saying anything," Ashford prefaced in a tweet before saying, "If you can’t tell bro that y’all swear is ME has gloves tucked in his pants you’d know it’s a player in the tournament plus I don’t think I magically shrunk to about 5’9-5’10."

Ashford transferred to South Carolina this offseason after it was clear Hugh Freeze was moving in a different direction at the quarterback position.

Auburn football legend Cam Newton was breaking up fight during 7 v 7 skirmish

Already, more context is spilling out in the hours following the incident at Newton's 7 v 7 event. It wasn't Newton who was involved in the fight, but rather two others who were reprimanded. Newton merely intervened.

"It shows Newton seemingly separating two — one with each arm — like a parent breaking up a toddler skirmish in daycare, however, others get involved to amplify the mayhem just before the video cuts out," NESN's Gio Rivera prefaced before saying, "One individual even attempted to deliver a vicious right hook directed at Newton before being separated, and likely handled as well.

"The most impressive part of the clip wasn’t even Newton’s inadvertent bid at a UFC career, but the fact that not once did Newton’s (likely expensive) fedora fall off his head. That’s a professional in his element, exposing several fish out of water in a matter of just a few seconds."

More details are sure to come from this wild brawl in the coming days. Until there's proof otherwise, believe that Ashford wasn't involved.