FSU better fits profile of Big Ten team than Clemson, Texas A&M, or TCU

FSU better fits the profile of a Big Ten team than either Clemson, Texas A&M, or TCU, per one analyst
FSU better fits the profile of a Big Ten team than either Clemson, Texas A&M, or TCU, per one analyst / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

As longtime college football radio host Greg Swaim relayed, FSU better fits the profile of a Big Ten than either Clemson, Texas A&M, or TCU by a good bit when it comes to AAU accreditation.

"Even if TCU were AAU accredited, if you'll look at the living alumni numbers of the recent schools they invited are among the nation's leaders in living alumni base...more donations, and more TV viewers," Swaim prefaced before listing off the base for several B1G programs: Penn State - 760,000, Indiana - 650,000, Michigan - 640,000, Michigan State - 550,000, UCLA - 530,000, Rutgers - 486,000, Texas A&M - 436,000, Illinois - 425,000.

"Of the top eight living alumni bases, the B1G has seven of them, and they're going after TAMU," Swaim added. "TCU has only 100,000, and Clemson 176,000, while FSU is in better shape with 391,000."

AAU accreditation predicted to determine which schools get into the Big Ten

Swaim has previously stressed the mandatory nature of AAU accreditation for programs looking to join the Big Ten.

"I don't know how many times I have to bring this up, but of thirteen B1G schools I have quality sources for, eleven of them tell me in no uncertain terms that their school will absolutely, positively NOT vote in a school that is not AAU accredited," Swaim wrote.

FSU appears the most likely to acquire accreditation of the three. UNC and UVA also have accreditation, but the Tar Heels have been deemed the SEC's top target and the "It Just Means More" conference is reportedly interested in Virginia and North Carolina universities in realignment.

College football insider Brett McMurphy went as far as to say that the SEC wouldn't want FSU or Clemson.

"The North Carolina schools, the Virginia schools," McMurphy said on The Paul Finebaum Show. "Certainly the SEC would have interest. I don’t think they have interest in Florida State or Clemson because they’ve already got Florida and South Carolina.”

Swaim predicted FSU and Clemson both taking SEC invites after not receiving B1G invites.