FSU BoT chairman addresses SEC getting into College Football Playoff over undefeated ACC Champion

FSU BoT chairman Peter Collins addressed the SEC and ESPN's relationship in relation to the 2023 CFP field
FSU BoT chairman Peter Collins addressed the SEC and ESPN's relationship in relation to the 2023 CFP field / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

FSU BoT chairman Peter Collins addressed ESPN's role in one-loss SEC Champion Alabama getting into the 2023 College Football Playoff field over an undefeated ACC Champion Seminoles squad -- stopping short of blaming anyone directly but shining a spotlight on the World Wide Leader's role in the infamous CFP snub.

“I’m not going to get into the blame game, I’m just going to say I think our leadership in the conference could have done a little better job on the lead-up to that," Collins said (h/t Warchant.com). "Because there was another conference on ESPN every single day saying that  ‘we’re better, we’re better, we’re better.’

“They said it was Sesame Street, you know, ‘one of these things doesn’t look like the other’ which is just ridiculous. And there was silence. And then after the snub happened there was, I don’t know, maybe a three sentence quote put out and then nothing but silence since."

FSU had been working to sue ACC before Noles got snubbed from College Football Playoff

Collins made sure to delineate that FSU was working on suing the ACC long before the Noles were snubbed from the College Football Playoff.

“Let me back up and say this effort didn’t start from the snub and we had been working on this in earnest for a while," Collins prefaced before saying, "You just don’t put a complaint like that together in two weeks, right?  But we were still working with the ACC on equal revenue distribution et cetera, et cetera, and only when it became clear that we just weren’t going to get to where we needed to be through that effort –  and I’m not breaking news here – that they weren’t interested in in continuing to help us and get better in that effort… it just felt like the time was right. There was no reason to wait any longer.”

That's believable, but one has to think the CFP snub only sped up the process for FSU. The Noles just watched lesser programs like USC and UCLA get massive Big Ten paydays and clearly have had enough with other schools benefitting from their conference affiliation while FSU suffers because of theirs.