FSU and Clemson want to be winners of deregulated college football T.V. like SEC, Big Ten, Notre Dame

Notre Dame v Clemson
Notre Dame v Clemson / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

FSU and Clemson want a comparable slice of the television rights pie that the SEC, Big Ten, and the Notre Dame football program have gotten in the wake of the SCOTUS' 1984 decision to deregulate college football television according to CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd.

"Not much has changed since the U.S. Supreme Court deregulated college football television in 1984," Dodd prefaced before saying, "The big winners from that decision were the Big Ten, SEC and Notre Dame, all of whom had the juice to negotiate their own television deals. Those three titans quickly capitalized and have the most lucrative TV deals to this day. FSU and Clemson want into that exclusive club. If the cost is destabilizing the ACC, well, we already live in a me-first society that is reflected by the me-first nature of college athletics."

The FSU-Clemson rivalry, as Dodd points out, is one of the few marquee ratings juggernauts outside of the SEC and Big Ten. But they alone won't be able to sway one of the two super-conferences into splitting the existing revenue splits to their existing teams according to the CBS Sports writer.

"If FSU and Clemson join the Big Ten or SEC together, would that be enough to move the dial? Sources told CBS Sports that it's doubtful -- at least in the near term," Dodd wrote.

One analyst doesn't believe FSU and Clemson will leave for SEC or Big Ten

Steam On host Jim Williams believes FSU and Clemson aren't shoo-ins to leave for the SEC or the Big Ten if/when they can escape their ACC contract that runs through the 2036 season. In fact, the D.C.-based reporter isn't sure the two will leave the ACC at all; slapping the "might" caveat on the possibility.

"Do not expect a mass exodus of schools from the ACC," Williams prefaced before saying, "ESPN wants the conference to stay together and despite law suits from FSU and Clemson. The network has joined the ACC in court. Some day FSU & Clemson might find a way out but don't look for ESPN to help."

This writer sees another round of conference realignment as an inevitability, and the FSU-Clemson pair is likely to spearhead it.