Georgia Tech deemed a home run addition for the Big Ten

Georgia Tech v Notre Dame
Georgia Tech v Notre Dame / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Georgia Tech was deemed by Rutgers Wire's Kristian Dyer to be a home run addition for the Big Ten should the ACC eventually disintegrate and see its members become up for grabs for the Power conferences.

"Consider that Georgia Tech brings an Atlanta media market that is young and growing, opening up virtually the entire state for the Big Ten Network," Dyer prefaced before saying, "And it would give the Big Ten a toe-hold in a state that has begun really turning out high-quality talent for about a dozen years now. Recruiting matters in the conference arms race and Georgia is consistently churning out high-quality players on an annual basis.

"But Georgia Tech, an AAU member, would be an intriguing possible addition for the Big Ten. Were the No. 1 team on this list make a move, then adding Georgia Tech (and Atlanta) would be a home run move for the Big Ten."

Georgia Tech has history in the SEC, making the Big Ten far from a lock to land Yellow Jackets in conference realignment

Everything Dyer said is true, but that doesn't mean the Yellow Jackets will join the B1G if/when the ACC ceases operations as they currently are. In fact, Georgia Tech a lot of history in the SEC as one of its founding members.

Of course, the Auburn-Tech rivalry was a big one in its heyday; so much so that Tiger fans held a "Wreck Tech" parade after causing the Yellowjackets train to go five miles west past the Auburn station in 1895 and forcing the Georgia Tech personnel to walk five miles from Loachapoka. Then there's the in-state rivalry with Georgia, "Clean Old-Fashioned Hate," if you will, that's admittedly been one-sided in the 21st Century. That game has been a boon for the local economy despite its one-sided nature. Of course, that game could still happen with the Yellow Jackets in the B1G, but it'd just mean less for the standings, as it has since 1964. Then there's the dormant rivalries with Tennessee and Vanderbilt and the existing rivalry with Clemson that could remain and simply move to the SEC.

Georgia Tech doesn't have to stick with history and move back to the SEC after 60 years away, but it'd be giving up a lot of history to join a conference that'd have them traveling all over the country if it went to the Big Ten instead.