Hugh Freeze wants Cadillac Williams gone from his Auburn football program: Alabama analyst

An Alabama analyst heard that Hugh Freeze wants Cadillac Williams gone from his Auburn football program.
Alabama v Auburn
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Bama Hammer's Ronald Evans heard some pretty damning rumors about the state of the Auburn football program; the most damning being that Hugh Freeze wants Cadillac Williams off his staff and away from the Plains altogether, and is using tactics to achieve that similar to AU's Board of Trustees when they launched an inquiry into then-head coach Bryan Harsin in February 2022.

"Meanwhile from Auburn is a rumor that Hugh Freeze wants Cadillac Williams to leave," Evans prefaced before saying, "The rumor includes some seedy accusations, not dissimilar to what was fabricated in an attempt to force Bryan Harsin to resign. Some Auburn fans, who have raved about Hugh Freeze, are having doubts."

Now, the most I've heard regarding this rumor is vague Twitter hearsay from vague posters unwilling to share all the details. That doesn't write it off as a possibility, though, especially considering the drama that supposedly occurred behind the scenes this past season.

Robby Ashford reportedly wanted Cadillac Williams as Auburn football head coach instead of Hugh Freeze

I was shredded on message boards and even deemed the "TMZ of Auburn football" when I reported that Robby Ashford had been having issues with Freeze's snap allotment -- mainly that Payton Thorne got most of them -- and wanted Cadillac to be the head coach instead.

Eventually, Aaron Murray shared that he had heard of behind-the-scenes issues with Ashford, and then not long after the season's conclusion, he was gone.

I've yet to hear anything about this Cadillac rumor, perhaps because of how nasty the mudslinging may be, or because it is merely hearsay and not substantive. But it would make sense that there's a divide in the locker room between Freeze's recruits and the prior two regimes' recruits -- and that Cadillac is a symbol of the divide considering the hope he inspired in his short interim head coaching stint.

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