If Boston College gets AAU accreditation, Eagles will be favorite to join the Big Ten

Virginia Tech v Boston College
Virginia Tech v Boston College / Tim Bradbury/GettyImages

Boston College is a favorite to land in the Big Ten if they were to get AAU accreditation -- should the ACC fold in the wake of FSU and Clemson's seemingly imminent departures -- according to Rutgers Wire's Kristian Dyer.

"While Boston College isn’t an AAU member and isn’t a juggernaut in football or men’s basketball, it does have a great location," Dyer prefaced before saying, "Boston is a top-10 media market and the Golden Eagles are the only Power Five team in New England. That’s a lot of potential eyeballs for the Big Ten Network.

"Now, does the presence of a media market automatically mean that the Big Ten will swoop in? Certainly not. But Boston College is a very strong academic institution with a proud football history. If they can become AAU members, they would be a favorite to join the Big Ten in the coming years. Plus, Boston College would help the Big Ten lock down the northeast, which is a prime area for television sets."

Boston College would give Big Ten New England's only Power conference program

BC is in an even bigger market than just the city of Boston. The Eagles would be bringing the entire New England area with them considering the dearth of Power conference programs in the region. In fact, the only other FBS teams in New England are UConn and UMass, and, well, they haven't exactly made the region proud in the last decade.

Fans in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island would have their team -- and as usual, it'd be in Boston.

The Big Ten has a stronghold on the Midwest, but when the ACC loses its top schools, it can take over the northeast. They already have Rutgers, but taking BC and Syracuse would give them a monopoly on the northeast.