Incumbent Auburn football starter projected to be QB1 again by sportsbook

Alabama v Auburn
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Incumbent Auburn football starting signal-caller Payton Thorne is projected to be QB1 once again in 2024 by FanDuel, which listed Thorne's Heisman odds and not Hank Brown's or Walker White's.

As Auburn Daily's Andrew Stefaniak pointed out, at the start of the day on February 14, Thorne's odds were at an astronomical +25000, while the QB he replaced for the Tigers, Robby Ashford, was given +30000 odds.

"Ashford will compete for the starting job at South Carolina and has an excellent shot to win it," Stefaniak prefaced before saying, "FanDuel Sportsbook just put out Heisman Trophy Odds and gave Ashford +30000 odds to bring home the most prestigious award in college football. Auburn quarterback Thorne was right ahead of Ashford with odds of +25000 to win the award."

By the afternoon as of this writing, Ashford's odds have been removed, while redshirt freshman LaNorris Sellers has +20000 odds. As for Auburn's situations, sportsbooks must not know what's coming, and what's been in, the Tigers' QB room...

Walker White and Hank Brown in the hunt for Auburn football QB1 role

Walker White is a live threat from the jump to take over the offense. Bo Nix's confidence in him should inspire a similar feeling in every Tiger fan -- Bo Knows (Ball), after all -- as should White's career 6,740 passing yards, 1,842 rushing yards, and 80:26 touchdown-interception ratio.

Hank Brown became an instant sensation among the Auburn faithful when he gave the fans who showed up to the Music City Bowl in Nashville any joy after a dud from Thorne.

Both of these players weren't listed by FanDuel, which means two of AU's biggest secrets are still that: secrets. But that won't be for long come A-Day, when a likely narrative shift to one of the non-Thorne arms being the guy will begin.

No Auburn fan would be against Thorne staving off the young guns, but that's a little hard to envision based on how the 2023 season played out.