Johni Broome returning to Auburn basketball in 2024-25 trending in right direction

Yale v Auburn
Yale v Auburn / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

While discussing former Furman point guard JP Pegues' commitment to the Auburn basketball program via the transfer portal, On3's Justin Hokanson revealed great news for Tiger fans: Johni Broome returning to the Plains for a third and final season is "trending (in) the right direction."

"Pegues will be expected to start right away," Hokanson prefaced before saying, "There’s a high likelihood he will be the only new starter next season, joining Jones, Chad Baker-Mazara, Chaney Johnson or Johni Broome (trending the right direction), and Dylan Cardwell as the starters."

Interestingly enough, Hokanson projects Broome to be a starter at the 4 next to Dylan Cardwell, who announced his return for a fifth season at Auburn but hasn't yet started during his collegiate career. Being that Chaney Johnson started while Jaylin Williams was out down the stretch of the 2024-25 season, it seems plausible that Broome would be a starter at the 5 again if he returns.

Though perhaps Cardwell was promised a starting spot if he was to return to the team this coming Fall. In the NIL era, there's more that goes into these decisions than before.

Auburn basketball has needs at power forward and point guard

Pegues returning replaces one of two point guards who left the program following the 2023-24 season. Losing 5-star high school recruit Aden Holloway, who was downgraded to a 4-star as a transfer, and Tre Donaldson hurt the program's depth at the 1, but Pegues goes a long way in replacing their production. One man can't go the whole way, though, so another PG through the portal is likely Bruce Pearl's biggest need right now.

Well, that is unless Broome doesn't return and the team needs another big man. The power forward position is already somewhat thin on the depth chart, though Chris Moore could see minutes at the 4 if need be, but Broome leaving amplifies the severity.