Juggernaut that destroyed SWC and Big 12 from selfish, overbearing ways is SEC-bound

Ole Miss v Auburn
Ole Miss v Auburn / Michael Chang/GettyImages

While the SEC is welcoming one of the country's richest academic institutions, the University of Texas at Austin, the conference will also be welcoming a juggernaut on the field and in NIL/recruiting that destroyed the Big 12 and SWC before that according to Mike Farrell Sports' Rock Westfall.

"For as long as anyone can remember, Texas has always had its way when it came to dictating the way business was done in college football," Westfall prefaced before saying, "Along the way, it destroyed the SWC and the Big 12 because of its selfish, overbearing ways. Furthermore, through its conduct, no other school in college football is more responsible for the continuous conference realignment of the past 15+ years. But if Texas thinks it will run roughshod over the SEC, it is in for a rude awakening."

The Big 12 was falling to the back of the line during UT's later years in the conference, being coincidentally revived during the Longhorns' final season with Texas's College Football Playoff berth. Oklahoma tried to hold the torch for many years in the CFP era, but it could never win a game when it got there. TCU's magical run in 2022 was about as fluky of a run as any since the CFP's first year in 2014/15.

The SWC, on the other hand, was an all-Texas plus, for much of its existence, Arkansas conference. It's harder to pinpoint what went wrong there considering the massive differences in TV contracts and general NCAA structure there is now.

Texas didn't destroy the Big 12, but UT and Oklahoma made SEC a Power 2 conference

One can make the argument that Texas didn't destroy the Big 12 at all. Adding Utah, Colorado, ASU, and Arizona give the conference depth, and UCF, BYU, Cincinnati, and Houston, added in 2023, offer a group that could alternate being 12-team (or 14-team) CFP contenders in the future.

What UT and OU joining the conference did, though, was make the SEC a definitive Power 2 conference much in the same way Oregon, Washington, UCLA, and USC did for the Big Ten.

That can be seen as destruction to some, but it's on more than just Texas even in that scenario anyway.