Memphis AD Ed Scott comments on whether Tigers fit in Big 12 or ACC

New Memphis AD Ed Scott addressed the Tigers' potential fit in the Big 12 and ACC
New Memphis AD Ed Scott addressed the Tigers' potential fit in the Big 12 and ACC / Chris Day/The Commercial Appeal / USA

Memphis AD Ed Scott mentioned the ACC and the Big 12 as possible conference realignment possibilities during his introductory press conference, and unsurprisingly, he assessed the Tigers as a good fit in both -- though he did reference the ACC's ongoing legal battles with FSU and Clemson.

"There's really two options that everybody knows about: The Big 12 and the ACC," Scott said (h/t The Commercial Appeal). "I think the Big 12 is pretty firm with their membership right now. I'm coming from the ACC, there's some lawsuits pending the last time I heard. So I don't know what's going to happen there. But I can tell you my job is to position us to be ready if something were to happen in one of those two conferences. I think we fit well in both."

Scott suggested that other conferences shuffling things around would open the door up for Memphis to make a jump from the Group of 5 level in the AAC to the Power 4 level with either the Big 12 or the ACC.

"I think we're at a different place than most at this level," Scott said. "We're favored, from what I've read so far, to be the best Group of Five football program this year. Depending on what happens in other conferences, that may open up some opportunities for us as well."

Memphis part of ACC contingency plan if FSU, Clemson, and others leave

Memphis is more likely for the ACC based on Scott's context clues than the Big 12, and that's been a possibility discussed this offseason.

PressBox DC's Jim Williams first mentioned the contingency plan in March of Memphis, Tulane, USF, UConn, Oregon State, and Wazzu being potential ACC replacements for FSU, Clemson, UNC, Louisville, and others if they leave.

The Tigers could offer the ACC an in to the Tennessee market and expand into a region that could help the conference stay alive because of their love for football.