Miami to the SEC unlikely in conference realignment: 'Redundant market'

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Miami ending up in the SEC during the next round of conference realignment was deemed unlikely by Rutgers Wire's Kristian Dyer due to the South Florida market being "redundant" for the "It Just Means More" conference.

"The Big Ten Network would love to add the south Florida market to their cable offerings," Dyer prefaced before saying, "Miami’s biggest selling point is that they are one of the largest untapped markets that makes sense for the Big Ten. And they are arguably the largest media market that is available in conference expansion.

"That doesn’t mean, though, that Miami will be highly desired by the SEC, where geographically they make the most sense. Miami is a redundant market for the SEC (and the SEC Network) given that Florida is already in the conference. Given that television is the driving force behind all of this expansion and re-alignment, that matters."

Miami becoming AAU member could lead to Big Ten invitation in next round of conference realignment

As Canes Warning's Alan Rubenstein relays, The U's acceptance into the Big Ten could hinge on whether or not Miami joins the American Association of Universities.

"Miami becoming a member of the American Association of Universities could impact an invitation to the Big 10," Rubenstein prefaced before saying, "Nebraska is the only school in the Big 10 including the future members that is not an AAU member. When they joined the Big 10 Nebraska was an AAU member. The realignment will continue to be fluid."

Miami, FSU, UNC, and Louisville are all ACC flight-risks, but according to PressBox DC's Jim Williams, the conference has a contingency plan: adding Memphis, Tulane, Wazzu, Oregon State, UConn, and USF in the event the aforementioned four schools do end up leaving.

Any day now, a major domino will fall, and more conference realignment will be upon us. But Miami ending up in the SEC doesn't appear to be a possibility.