Nebraska may merge Lincoln and Omaha campuses to regain AAU accreditation, stay in Big Ten

Northern Illinois v Nebraska
Northern Illinois v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

Longtime college football radio host Greg Swaim relayed talks he's heard about the University of Nebraska merging its Lincoln and Omaha campuses to keep the necessary AAU accreditation to stay in the Big Ten.

There's been some talk that the Huskers will have to merge with their Omaha campus, as that's where the teaching hospital is, so that they can regain AAU accreditation," Swaim prefaced before saying, "Apparently the B1G brass are somewhat serious about booting Nebraska for their lack of accreditation."

Swaim first reported that the B1G could boot Nebraska from its ranks due to the lack of AAU accreditation on April 17.

"The B1G says AAU accreditation is not an absolute requirement only to avoid exclusionary lawsuits, but they've never invited a team that wasn't AAU at the time," Swaim wrote. "Some believe they may even kick out the Huskers for losing their accreditation soon after joining...and they won't get it back."

Nebraska splitting from Big Ten may be best for Huskers' reputation long-term

Nebraska has one of the most loyal fanbases in the country. Big Red is undoubtedly a shining example of how a fanbase should rally behind its school regardless of the results on the field, court, or any other playing surface.

But even diehard Husker fans would readily admit that Nebraska's move to the Big Ten hasn't gone according to plan -- and it's not as though it'll immediately get better with perennial contenders like Washington and Oregon joining the conference; not to mention basketball power UCLA and sometimes world-beater USC.

A move back to the Big 12 doesn't seem like the worst idea in the grand scheme, especially with there being a void of a true historical blue blood with Texas and Oklahoma SEC-bound. Whether or not Nebraska would give up their Big Ten payouts is another question, since the B1G was barely behind the SEC in revenue in 2023 before the additions of the LA schools and the Pacific Northwest powers this coming Fall.