Proposed college football Super League features 70 permanent members, relegation system

Colorado v Marquette
Colorado v Marquette / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

A proposed Super League model shared by The Athletic's Stewart Mandel would dissolve the NCAA as we know it. In the place of the SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 (really at this point, Pac-2), a 70-team league would be formed featuring every Power Five conference team, Notre Dame and SMU included. The remaining Group of Five teams would be in a separate division with relegation.

"The current CST outline would create a system that would have the top 70 programs — all members of the five former major conferences, plus Notre Dame and new ACC member SMU — as permanent members and encompass all 130-plus FBS universities," Mandel wrote. "The perpetual members would be in seven 10-team divisions, joined by an eighth division of teams that would be promoted from the second tier.

"The 50-plus second-division teams would have the opportunity to compete their way into the upper division, creating a promotion system similar to the structure in European football leagues. The 70 permanent teams would never be in danger of moving down, while the second division would have the incentive of promotion and relegation."

Power conference presidents, chancellors have no faith in current CFB model -- opening door for college football Super League

With the ACC actively disintegrating, and the SEC and Big Ten becoming too powerful for the NCAA to control, many Power conference presidents and chancellors are sounding the alarms on the current state of college football.

“The current model for governing and managing college athletics is dead,” Syracuse chancellor Kent Syverud told The Athletic.

“We are in an existential crisis," West Virginia president Gordon Gee.

Right now is the in-between. The NCAA as we know it is changing, and new teams are in unfamiliar conferences, but there are still name-brand conferences running the show.

Soon enough, those acronym and "Big" conferences will be a thing of the past from the sound of things.