Pros or Plains: Transferring from Auburn basketball wasn't on table for Johni Broome

Mar 21, 2024; Spokane, WA, USA; Auburn Tigers forward Johni Broome (4) during practice at Spokane
Mar 21, 2024; Spokane, WA, USA; Auburn Tigers forward Johni Broome (4) during practice at Spokane / James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It was either the Plains or the pros for Johni Broome, who was never considering leaving Bruce Pearl's Auburn basketball program via the transfer portal and only would've left the Tigers had he declared for the NBA draft according to On3's Justin Hokanson.

"Optimism has been high throughout that Johni would return," Hokanson prefaced before saying, "Due diligence was required by Johni and his family to make sure they were making the right decision. Sources have told me throughout that transferring was not a consideration. It was Auburn or pros. He's back."

Kansas and UNC, among others, had made overtures at Broome but were rebuffed by the Plant City product. Credit to Hokanson for correctly reporting that Broome was trending toward a return on April 12.

Auburn basketball returning most key members of core in 2024-25

Projecting a deep run in March Madness, particularly a year ahead of time, is a fool's errand considering how random the results may sometimes be; Exhibit A being Auburn's loss to Yale and Kentucky's John Calipari era-ending loss to Oakland in the 2024 NCAA Tournament's Round of 64.

But with Broome back, Dylan Cardwell returning to back him up, and Chad Baker-Mazara looking for a redemption arc with his own comeback, AU hoops is in a good spot retaining most of an SEC Championship-winning core.

Pearl replacing Aden Holloway, who can break a lot of hearts by committing to Alabama after visiting on April 18, and Tre Donaldson with JP Pegues could go a long way after the Tigers' guard play let the team down against Yale with just five points combined, and if Jaylin Williams could be adequately replaced at the 4, there will be limited or no weaknesses on the roster.

After unprecedented March disappointment, there's been an April shower of good news for Auburn hoops.