Rumor: UNC considering action against ACC after FSU and Clemson, UVA may be next

North Carolina v Virginia Tech
North Carolina v Virginia Tech / Michael Shroyer/GettyImages

Longtime college football radio host Greg Swaim believes UNC is licking its chops after the legal action taken against the ACC by FSU and Clemson; this all following Florida State firing the opening salvo by suing for a breach of contract and challenging the league's grant of rights in January. He also believes Virginia will soon follow suit.

Swaim also predicted FSU and Clemson going to the SEC and UNC and UVA ending up in the Big Ten due to their AAU accreditation.

"UNC is definitely sabre rattling after FSU and Clemson hit the ACC first," Swaim tweeted. "Expect UVA next, as we expect the AAU-accredited Tar Heels and Cavaliers to the B1G and the non-accredited Seminoles and Tigers to the SEC."

Sources contradicting each other on ACC losing FSU, Clemson, UNC, and UVA

On one side of the conference realignment source-off is Swaim, who insists the ACC as we know it's death is imminent; though it won't die how the Pac-12 did.

On the other side is Steam On host Jim Williams, who believes the much-hyped exodus from the ACC isn't a lock to happen and that FSU and Clemson aren't even 100% guaranteed to leave the conference.

"Do not expect a mass exodus of schools from the ACC," Williams prefaced before saying, "ESPN wants the conference to stay together and despite lawsuits from FSU and Clemson. The network has joined the ACC in court. Some day FSU & Clemson might find a way out but don't look for ESPN to help."

It's safer to err on the side of large-scale changes at this point than to expect the ACC to remain as is, but with ESPN in control of both the SEC and ACC, it's safer to assume that the top schools from the latter would be shuffled to the former considering the Big Ten's relationship with FOX, NBC, and CBS.